The Full Story

The Son

For the purpose of That Son of a Witch, “son” refers to all youth. The Witch had a son and thus, the term is a fitting tribute. A sister to The Witch sent a gift for his arrival as a thoughtful reminder of her spiritual identity and it was shortly after that not just a son, but also an idea was born.  

Whether they decide to follow the same path or not, inclusion is the start of a healthy worldview and journey in life for our children. A mission of That Son of a Witch is to provide age-appropriate wares and wearables to the delight of both the youth and their families.  

The Witch

Becoming The Witch was less and act of doing but rather more of an acceptance of what simply was. There are times when we all question what we are taught, what we believe in, and what we can accept. The questioning is necessary and valuable to spiritual growth. One need not fit into a predetermined archetype nor live by one set of rules- The Witch sure as hell does not!  

Any gender can refer to themselves as witch, here. That should be the case in general, however, in some circles equality and inclusion are not a priority. That is not the case here, honey. Eclectics, Wiccans, Priestesses, Heathens, solitary practitioners, covens, and those of all paths are welcomed to find tools, gifts, inspiration, and knowledge with That Son of a Witch.  


The Home

A home is a sacred space and should be respected as one. However and wherever you reside, you can manipulate a higher vibration for that space with offerings from That Son of a Witch. All of the senses are taken into consideration to stimulate and direct energy as needed. Every item you meet with is selected with a discerning eye and every hand-made item is created with focus and intent on the desired outcome. Love how you live!