Intro to Natal Charts

Updated: May 9

Natal Chart
Intro to Natal Charts

Planets and stars are believed to have a great influence on people's lives, personalities, and even their futures. The alignment of the stars on pivotal events has a lasting impact on how your life is going to be. Isn't it better to try to decipher what is in store for you instead of stumbling around looking for answers?

Let’s dig in!

What is a Natal Chart?

A natal chart, or a birth chart, outlines the location of planets in the sky the day and time you were born. Imagine it as a cosmic map—a sketch of heavenly bodies and their placements in the universe when you took your first breath in the world.

For an accurate reading, the more precise you are about the date and time, the better. It is also essential to know the exact location of your birthplace. Sure, that might be a little hard for you to remember; we don’t blame you—pro tip: ask your parent(s), guardian(s), or just take a look at your birth certificate. Certainly you'll find something there.

What are Natal Charts used for?

In astrology, each planet symbolizes a unique trait. If a said planet is dominant, that particular planet will have the most effect on your life. Natal charts can reveal the kind of personality you have, your deepest desires, and where your life leads.

In other words, if you're trying to hide a secret, you might want to decipher your chart yourself; you never know what it might give away!

But first, let us understand the defining elements of a birth chart...

Main Components of a Natal Chart

There are four significant components of a natal chart and they are the basics that you need to understand the astrological point of view of your being.

· Sun Sign: It represents the constellation (or zodiac sign) where the Sun was transiting at the time of your birth. The sun sign reflects your dominant personality traits, your identity, and your soul’s essence.

· Moon Sign: Your moon sign reflects your emotional core—your feelings, subconscious, and intuitive nature.

· Ascendant Sign: Also called the rising sign, your ascendant represents your outward personality or appearance. It describes the face you show to the outside world or how other people perceive you.

· The Ruling Planet: This planet is the one that rules your ascendant sign and influences your sense of self and the impression you leave on others.

Now without further ado, let us dive into the intricacies of how to read a natal chart.

How to Read a Natal Chart

The chart is the shape of a circle which is divided into 12 equal parts. The number 1 always signifies the first house. This is where you will start your reading. Number 1 signifies a sign that was present on the eastern horizon when you were born. This is your ascendant sign.

For the folk that are not best buddies with math (it's okay, it happens to the best of us), the sum of all angles in a circle comes out to be 360 degrees. Divide a circle into 12 parts and you get 12 angles, which means 12 houses.

Each house represents different areas or circumstances of your life such as love, career, and family, and together they piece together a puzzle of who you are and how you will lead your life. The question in your head right now might be, “Yeah, but how is it done?”

Easy—by determining which planet resides in which house.

Now that you have understood the basics, let's begin!

Read the chart anticlockwise, starting from the first house. Note the placements of planets in different houses. The planet that dominates each section will have the greatest effect on that particular house.

Now, take a look at the “aspects” or angles different planets are making with each other. Aspects can relay harmony or tensions in different aspects of your life, depending on how the planets are associating with each other.

To sum it up, reading a birth chart is like listening in on the conversation going on between planets and other cosmic wonders. The planets will tell you what is going to happen, the zodiac signs will tell you how, and the houses will reveal where. Exciting, right?


A birth chart is like a whisper of guidance, a deeper understanding of your truths, and—of course—an amusing way to have fun with your friends. Whichever purpose you carry, reading a birth chart is always enlightening and teleports you to a different realm! Hopefully this introduction nudges you to delve deeper into understanding the many other facets of a natal chart!

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