How to Bring Everyday Magic Into Your Life

Updated: May 9

Happy woman with essential oils, candle burning, lavender
How to Bring Everyday Magic Into Your Life

Do you feel like you’re running on autopilot? Stuck in a rut? If your days seem monotonous, you may be forgetting to spark the magic in the mundane.

We all need moments of joy and positivity in our lives. After all, life's too short to settle

for anything less than what makes us happy, right? Instead of waiting for our intentions of joy, love, wealth, and prosperity, and more to happen, we create them. We are witches, after all! And we do that by making our own rituals—small, daily actions that provide a sense of meaning and connection.

Here are some rituals worth trying:

Start (or end) the day with intention.

Not everyone has the privilege to do both a morning and night routine, but many of us

can do one or the other.

The steps for each are the same—the "doing it" is what's important.

Start by reflecting on what makes you happiest in your life. Take a moment to be

grateful for the people and things in your life that bring you joy.

Manifestation: what you give thanks for, grows!

Then do a body scan or a grounding technique like Nadi Shodhana Pranayama, where you mentally move slowly through the body and connect with your breath between the spaces.

Before or after a day of checking emails, sending the kids to school, driving to work,

getting stuck in traffic, you need a way to step away and take stock.

Cleanse your space with sage. Similar to sage are candles and incense.

Sage has been used for thousands of years for spiritual purposes. It can be burned as

an incense or mixed with water and used as a cleansing agent. According to Native Americans, white sage maintains balance with the earth and the spirit world.

Here are some types of sage to use:

Mugwort sage: Gets rid of energy, stimulates dreams. Great for nighttime.

Cedar sage: Drives out negative energy. Great for new homes.

Rosemary sage: Associated with the sun and fire as an aura cleanser.

Lavender sage: Used for psychic protection and increasing clairvoyance.

White sage: Improves the mood and energy of a room.

Juniper sage: Invigorates the mind and body when tired.

Dragon's Blood sage: Power and protection, as well as luck, love, purification and courage.

Eucalyptus sage: Clears negative or stagnant energy, improves physical health, and strengthens the immune system. Great for hanging in the shower.

Set the energy with the colors and adornment you wear.

Choose clothes and jewelry that align with your intentions. Compare the descriptions of this bronze ring and silver ring to get an idea of what I mean.

It's a subtle way to influence the environment around you. You know how they say "dress for the job you want" all the time? This is why: because it works.

Red sparks passion, sex, health, and vigor.

Orange inspires creativity and expression.

Yellow stimulates mental clarity and energy.

White encourages unity and amplifies the energy around you.

Black blocks negativity and gossip against you.

Pink is for love, romance, and is related to the heart.

Green is for healing, growth, and grounding.

Blue stands for peace, calm, and healing.

Purple empowers your psychic abilities and magic.

Did you know the type of crystals and stones you wear affect your energy too?

Use crystals for jewelry or just to pop into your pocket or bra. The highly magical qualities of these materials can help ground you and give you positive energy.

Gather some crystals. Whether you're trying to manifest a romantic relationship or create a sense of calm, it's a well-known trick to use crystals to focus on those intentions.

Some people seem to be born with the ability to create magic out of mundane things. With these tips, you can too.

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