A Short Primer on Divination

Updated: May 9

Witchcraft. Magic. We all have heard about it, read of it in books, or have seen it in movies... but to our disappointment, mostly categorized as fictional.

Divination- Tarot, Runes, Crystals
A Short Primer on Divination

Divination is a real-life thing that has been going on for thousands of years! It is a whole ritualistic process of attempting to foresee answers to questions or situations that require solution or awareness. So, good news for the witches and witchlings: you can create your destiny and joy by connecting to your inner sense of magic!

Believe us when we say, practicing divination is much more than mere “fortune-telling” as often assumed.

Magic and witchcraft are not limited to candles, tarot cards, or stones. There are much more forms of divination, including the use of incense and fragrance, smudging, oracle cards, botanicals and botanical oils, crystals, crystal gazing, reading runes, tea leaves and bones, and much more!

· Candles

Starting from the candle flames, it's all about the way the candle flames speak to you when they burn.

Divination through candles, also known as ceromancy, is surprisingly a lesser practiced form of divination in real life than other methods.

Romans, Greeks, Babylonians, etc. provided meanings to candle divination, or so the legend says.

From learning the ways to interpret the direction of the candle flame to wax divination, ceromancy lets you explore the deepest part of yourself by connecting you to a higher power.

Different flames communicate different meanings to you such as what your intention is for a specific spell or divining session and what you are trying to achieve through the sacred process.

Flames foresee your likelihood of success wherever your intentions lie.

· Incense and Fragrances

Incense divination is one of the most beautiful and common forms of divination, which is also readily used in meditation and yoga, and other purification rituals.

Libanomancy is such a magical process; the sound of crackling and popping of the little seeds (coriander, jasmine, fennel, hemp), and the flares of the burning incense along with the healing smoke- everything about it portrays magic!

The answers to your spoken demands from the Divine can be heard in these magical flares and sizzling sounds, as well as its ash, if interpreted correctly.

Interpreting them as yes or no, while watching the direction of the smoke may provide you with the answers that would satisfy you to your heart’s content.

· Smudging

As a cleanser and purifier of negative energies, the sage herb improves your focus and concentration at the moment, cleanses the body and spirit of negative energy, and calms your mind and senses.

Sage is the tool used in smudging which extracts the darkness and with further intent, places light inside you. This is why smudging divination is used by so many healers.

Moreover, you may find yourself in a peaceful state of mind, free of toxicity and stress, and full of love and creativity after the burning and smudging of sage.

Sage is a popular botanical for smudging, however it is not the only one that can be used. Many other botanicals can be burned with sage such as mugwort, lavender, and more. It is also a fine practice to smudge with other substances alone, such as Palo Santo wood or Agarwood.

· Crystal Gazing and Crystal Divination

Crystal divination is a sacred form of witchcraft as it bridges a connection between you and the Divine power.

As the legends of Babylonians suggest, the power of constellations is held within the crystal. Acting as healers (amethyst), suppliers of self-love (rose-quartz) and passion (ruby), the crystals intake the negative energies surrounding you, heal your spirit, and can also clear your third eye vision. Each crystal has beneficial properties alone and in conjunction with others.

Furthermore, opening up to the stones is a magical route to personal guidance.

By allowing the crystals to unravel your mystical powers, you can explore your hidden potential and create your destiny while fighting the darkness and evil around you.

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